Peanut Plugs not working following upgrade

As stated in the subject line, none of my Peanut Plugs are working following the most recent upgrade ( Any thoughts?

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Is is only these, do you have other Zigbee devices that you can confirm work?

What happens if you go to the device discovery page, start a Zigbee pairing, and put these into pairing mode? Does it say "previously discovered device XYZ paired" or somesuch?

But really, Peanut Plugs are awfully problematic, and can cause huge Zigbee issues. So I always recommend getting rid of them if at all possible. There are many MUCH better devices now.


Are they just not working with a Rule or do they not work from their device pages also? Have you tried re-pairing them (just doing a ZigBee detect, not necessarily factory resetting them first)?

I have a whole bunch of these (unlike most people I have never run into ZigBee problems with them, just hardware wearing out problems since some of mine are the very first ones ever). The ones that see active use with Rules seem to be working as before (I have a couple controlling things like my cat's feeders and a grow light, so they are all pretty obvious).

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Pressing On or Off from the device page does nothing. Pressing Configure shows the following in the log.

dev:8312021-07-18 09:07:53.796 pm errororg.codehaus.groovy.runtime.InvokerInvocationException: groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: com.hubitat.zigbee.Zigbee.simpleMeteringPowerRefresh() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] (configure)

dev:8312021-07-18 09:07:53.737 pm debugSetting Retain State: true

dev:8312021-07-18 09:07:53.734 pm debugin configure()

Zigbee discover didn't do anything.

Only these. To date, I've never had an issue with my 9 peanut plugs.

I had a similar error a few platform updates back. I switched all 12 of mine to use the "Generic Zigbee Switch" driver instead of the "Generic Zigbee Outlet" driver, and hit configure. Been fine every since. (Although you lose power reporting but I don't really use that on these plugs anyway) Somehow a few updates back the Outlet driver with these would throw that error for me at least.


I have had success using plugs based on the eWeLink technology. The ones I got were LUNTAK smart Zigbee plugs. They are Zigbee 3.0 plugs and seem to be great repeaters, even for Aqara devices. There are other brands as well that are based on eWeLink. They are available for less than $10 each, so they are even less expensive than the Peanut plugs.

I have not used the Peanut plugs, but from everything I have read, they are not the most reliable.

If you have to replace the Peanut plugs, I suggest you look at the ones based on eWeLink. However, they do not have energy monitoring capability.

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I have used 12 of them for 3 years not a single issue with any of the 12, many more have the same experience, the accurate explanation for these plugs is YMMV.


If the accurate description is "YMMV", then it sounds like you are confirming that they are not "the most reliable". I do not have any of the Peanut plugs, perhaps they work well for most people. However, I wanted something that would serve as a repeater for Aqara devices and I understand that devices like Peanut plugs and the Centralite HA1.2 plugs that I have used successfully, do not work with Aqara devices.

I do hope the OP can get his plugs functioning again. I was just trying to suggest an inexpensive alternative should he not be able to do so.

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I’ve never had an issue with my peanut plugs, well that I know of.

I physically reset one last night and re-included it and it’s been working fine since. Will do the others today.

This issue occurred following the last update.

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No the exact opposite of this, in "my" personal experience I've had just as many issues with these plugs as I have had with the Lutron Casetta line, which is ZERO issues. I would recommend these devices to anyone. There are such a thing as "defective" devices with ANY product, which is my opinion of the experiences of those loudly claiming on here the entire product is bad solely because of the (admittedly) few amount of the total amount of the devices they owned caused them problems. Resulting in them recommending removing ALL of these devices even the ones NOT causing them problems.

A defective device does not equal a defective product which equals YMMV due to the reports of defective devices with the simultaneous reports of numerous non defective devices being used.


I'll jump in and share my experience. All my peanut plugs never fell off, and always responded. What they did do was spam the network with 16bit zigbee address changes. I've since removed them , and there have been platform changes around zigbee devices 16bit addresses needing to change.
This is on my C4. Out of my 70+ zigbee devices these are the only ones that did the crazy address change


That is what they did for me too. You could watch the ChildAndRouteInfo and these were constantly churning. Things would route to them, then jump to something else, and on and on. The Zigbee mesh never seemed to settle with these stupid plugs. After I removed them, the mesh is a lot quieter.


Same with my experience as well.. Got rid of them and haven't looked back. Don't the Ikea plugs route the Aqara stuff?


I don't have any, but that is my understanding.

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It seems to me that any zigbee 3.0 router works with Xiaomi Aqara/Mijia devices. Even cheap eWeLink SA-003-zigbee outlets, which are sometimes as low as $7 apiece.

The current routers I'm using for Aqara sensors are TuYa USB zigbee routers.

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can someone tell me are these the peanut switches.. trying to tell from the info..

Screenshot 2021-07-20 155454

ya thats the ones im using.. they look like peanute but i dont think they are.. work fine with generic zigbee outlet

They're not Peanuts. They's actually smaller than Peanuts (only the shape is similar). These are zigbee 3.0 outlets made by eWelink that are sold under a variety of brand names.

These eWeLink plugs work well as routers for both ZHA 1.2 and zigbee 3.0 end devices.


One peanut plug hogs the space in an outlet, what do you guys use to overcome this aside from using the 1 ft extensions. I'd like to use two peanuts in on location.

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