Peanut plug not pairing even though it's reset

Hello everyone, I'm running version and I have peanut plugs paired on my network and I have 2 extra that I think I paired a long time ago but I never used them so I wanted to reset it so I can rename them etc. awhile back I changed my zigbee channel from the default to 21 and from what I read I was thinking of changing it to 20, but if i'm not mistaken "since I did it a year ago" I think I had issues after changing it to get everything working again, so I would really not like to change it since everything is working and I paired other things recently and that worked also. So i'm not sure what to do now.

Any suggestions?

Go ahead and pair them. They'll join the new default channel.

If the channel is working then don't fix it if it's not broken. Leave it at 21 if you want. Just don't use 25. The goal is to use a channel with the least amount of interference. Although 20 is a preferred channel, there's nothing wrong with using 21 if you choose and if you're not having any issues with it. Zigbee will self heal, but it will take a few days. Also, I know that you've been around here long enough to know that there are some known issues with peanuts. So use them at your own risk as you probably already know that.

Peanuts only pair on 15, 20, and 25. I personally would take a hammer to them, but to each their own.

I’ve had all of my bulbs paired to 25 since January without any problems. You do need a centrally located hub and a strong mesh.

They haven't been absolutely "proven" to cause issue, but I don't use them either. (Drawer of shame)
Using channel 25 is a risky move, so I'm glad you mentioned that you need a strong mesh to make that scenario work. Of course someone would argue that their mesh is strong enough for this and still complain when it didn't work. :grin:


You are so right. I don't know what I was thinking :man_shrugging:


Thanks guys. I just had these laying around. 1 of my Iris got damaged, so I just wanted to use 1 of these as a temporary work around until I can find some Iris plugs and like April mention they haven't been absolutely proven to cause issues,

I'm not going to spent too much time with it though, i'll just get a new plug