Pausing while creating/writing a rule

Evidently I am using Rule Machine 4.0 (haven't figured out how to confirm. :grinning:)

I gather the Pause button within creating a rule in Rule Machine is for a function [inside] the rule itself.

However, I have a need - while creating a rule - to move my mouse from my left monitor (where I am working within Rule Machine) over to a software program onscreen on my on my second PC monitor (right monitor). When I do so, and then click in the second monitor, Rule Machine takes it upon itself to proceed to the next area of consideration within the rule. Is there any means by which to [pause] the rule creation until I again return to it and click within it?

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What browser are you using?

The Pause button, just stops a completed rule from running. If I no longer need a specific rule I Pause it rather than delete it. If I am satisfied I no longer want the rule I delete it at some point.

It must be sending that click to the open window of RM. This is a problem with your PC and how you have multiple windows setup.

Thanks for your reply. I agree. Will just deal with the issue by incorporating different sequences of mouse button pushing, switching, etc.

I like your input on this. Thanks for presenting it to me.

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Sorry for not replying. I overlooked your question . . . FireFox 70.0.1 (64bit)