Pause all automations (ie: "cleaning mode")

How are people doing this?

I see I can pause/resume rules in RM, but I don't know if it's possible with Simple Lighting. Since I have automations running in both, I'm not sure how to accomplish this.

The use case is for a "Cleaning Mode" that pauses all automations and turns on all lights bright. Maybe there's a simple way?

What is "cleaning"?

I have this. I had to create a Cleaning Mode. Most of my lighting automations use Motion Lighting, and it supports "Do not turn off in these modes". For Cleaning Mode the brightness is 99, so motion turns on the lights and then they stay on. I also have a pair of rules, fired by mode becoming Cleaning Mode, and another one for Cleaning Mode off (fired by a Pico). One turns on all of the non-motion lights to bright. The other turns everything off. This isn't simple.

Simple Lighting does have pause, but there is no way to do with another app, only in the UI. Also, it doesn't have the feature that Motion Lighting has to not turn things off in Cleaning Mode. You could use a Restriction, and that could stop it from turning things off with no motion.