Paulmann Plugin


I am not a coder by any measure, but would like to know if anyone has considered or would be willing to create/adapt an existing Zigbee2Mqtt plugin to the Hubitat platform if it is possible.

I am looking to control my Paulmann Plug & Shine exterior lighting system via HomeKit and the only bridge that I have found with a plugin is Zigbee2Mqtt but I am not after adding another bridge even though I am very new to Hubitat.

Have you confirmed that this doesn’t work with any of the built-in zigbee lighting drivers? You will have to change drivers manually and hit “Configure” on the device page.


Wow ,. I thought Hue was overpriced, Paulmann gonna be Richman after about 20 sales. Fairly certain I saw a 1000.00 Zigbee Controller !

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