Pathway lighting suggestions

Im looking to install new pathway lighting and get rid of the cheap solars that were here when we bought the house. Looking for any suggestions on SMART pathway lighting or ideas for automating DUMB pathway lights. I have done some poking around, but have not found the ideal solution. Any input on ideas or products would be great!

This is just an extender but this system may be what you're looking for. (Best with a hue hub)

I have 12v landscape lighting that were using a manual timer. I replaced the manual timer with a GE Outdoor Z-wave plug ( It's been working flawlessly for over 3 years now.

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12 volt lights Superbright LED with a transformer and Aeotec smart switch. Works great.

Thanks. I actually purchased these and then after reading several threads from fellow HE users, it seems like there are lots of problems with these so I returned them.

I use a standard/traditional low voltage (12V) landscape lighting system. I put a Z-Wave switch between the power supply and the transformer. It works great with my HE.

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I ran line voltage to my outdoor lights. With LED bulbs, seems much brighter than 12 volts. I never had much luck with low voltage lights. Then control with your choice of controller, I use a standard plug in zwave or Zigbee switch.

I did similar thing but with RGBW LED strip cut into short strips (mine is 3x 5-in-1 LED chips each section). I used 2 sections for stake path light reusing solar light housings and 4 sections for in-ground path lights. Use Zooz RGBW dimmer as controller powered by solar panel. That's a lot of DIY work including fitting strips into housing and wiring using waterproof in-ground connectors

If I'm going to redo, I will use those individual addressable LED strip for light animations and less wiring (4 wires I think) vs RGBW strip needs 5 wires.

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