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I have been having erratic operation on my Zen 25 receptacles. Looking at past logs is there a quicker way to view the previous days log. All I see is "show more" and it takes forever to go back 10 hours. If the receptacle did not turn off at the specified time would I see an error or some warning?

You may not see any errors in the logs. The Zen 25 plugs are notorious for overwhelming Z-Wave radio, which doesn't result in errors. What you might be able to see in logs is how frequently they generate events.. Also, you may want to check out this thread:

Did you change the parameters as outlined in your previous thread about these Zen25? (Erratic Operation - #8 by jtp10181)

But truthfully, these plugs are going to keep causing issues until you get rid of them.

@mrcorvettegolfer Those outlets are terrible. You need to turn off reporting on those.

Forgot to add above, you must have lots of logging turned on on many devices to lose logs off the screen so fast. Or something is spamming the logs in which case you should figure out how to make that device less active.

I see about 3-4 days of logs without even pressing "show more". You should turn off all logging that isn't necessary so you can see errors and warnings and concentrate on the devices and/or rules that are causing issues.


Might I suggest that the solution to any "log" issue is to grab the logs using this approach:

And simply paste that dataset into your favorite editor, saving it, and then using grep, awk, sed, AgentRansak, whatever searching/filtering tool floats your boat. You could even just paste the data into excel, do a "text to columns", and then sort the data by device number and time to make a nice neat chronology for each device.

But both Windows and Unix have a very robust set of "log management tools", so the long term need here is for a system-level feature that sends all log into to a local PC or laptop that acts as a "log server", so that one can use real "log management".

I have two ZEN25 going, one with reporting off using a custom driver I started but did not release. The other has reporting on using the stock driver. I am actually mostly using the one with the reporting on as a repeater right now, so not much for it to report about. I have not seen any issues.

I have found that with reporting enabled, sometimes one of them will get into a state where it starts spamming voltage reports every time the voltages changes by 0.1 (which is often). Also that same one will report negative power values. I was only able to get one of them to do this so it might be defective but I never sent it back to Zooz so they could check it.

Other than that, if configured properly, they are pretty quiet.

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