Partially created "ghost" rules

If I start to create a rule, enter a condition, then click the "App List" link at the top of the page before clicking Done, a "ghost" rule gets created. It shows on the device page for the device I added as a condition, but does not show in the list of RM apps on the apps page. Seems like the "App List" button should either be disabled here, the partial rule should be deleted when exiting, or it needs to be added to the apps page under RM.

This was brought up a few months ago. Any "unfinished" app configurations purge themselves after a set period of time..I forget how long.

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You don't need the Apps List link to cause this. How about you simply close that tab or web page -- same result. We can't stop you from walking away from a partially created app, and we really have no way to respond to that action since we can be unaware of it. However, the orphaned partially created app is cleaned out later, and no harm comes from its existence.


Good deal, thanks.

@bravenel I noticed this today after I deleted I deleted a rule, but my ghost rule shows up under the Device Lis under "In Use By".

I assume this will also be purged later?

Asking for myself and anyone who may run across this in the future.

This shouldn't be happening. I suspect that it will clean itself up. What you can do is click on the link in the device In Use By. If the rule pops up, it's not removed and you can remove it.

But as I've found out "ghost rule definitions" within the rule itself will linger and cause havoc. It's usually (always) my fault for editing and changing conditions etc and not removing the rule and recreating but it can be an issue the more rules you have.

Thanks Bruce, I was letting them sit there to see if they flushed out, they are manually deleted now.

I’ll keep an eye on this, if I create rules fully or partially.