Paring hue bulb with Hubitat and keeping the Hue dimmer connected to the bulb

Hi, I'm trying to pair my Hue light directly with my Hubitat while simultaneously keeping the paired remote connected to the light. is this at all possible or can i only pair it to one thing at the time?

I do it by pressing I and O for 10 seconds until the light flashes. the light is then included in my Hubitat hub. After that i simply press I once on my remote and it seems to sync up. but as soon as i do that, the light seems to loose it's connection to the hub.

I haven't tried, but it might be possible to get this result. However, you can't "keep" the Hue Dimmer paired to the bulb throughout the process; rather, you'd have to pair both to Hubitat,,then try to "touch link" the Dimmer to the Bulb. However, casual Googling suggests that this function is disabled when the Dimmer is paired to a network with a Bridge, so it's likely to be the same on Hubitat. (There is a process to use the Dimmer to reset a bulb, holding On and Off together for 10s or so; that would definitely not be what would help here after paring, though you may need to do it initially to get the bulb to pair. I don't know the Touch Link steps off the top of my head, but it looks like it might be holding "On" for 10s near the bulb, but again, this may not work on Hubitat.)

But: regardless, you could still use Hubitat to imitate the same outcome. Again, pair both to Hubitat, then use some automation to control the bulb based on buttons. The built-in Button Controller app is a good choice, though other native (e.g,, Rule Machine) or third party apps are also available that maybe help.

Finally, you should be aware of thr perils of directly pairing Zigbee bulbs to Hubitat. Is there a reason you want to do this instead of using a Hue Bridge? See Hubitat's Zigbee tips for a summary on this issue, which you can also find many posts on.

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This doesn't work with HE. They do not currently support TouchLink. But I wouldn't recommend you do this anyway as @bertabcd1234 pointed out. You'll destabilize your Zigbee network for the non-bulbs you join to it. Get the Hue Bridge and use the HE Hue Integration app to control it. This keeps your bulbs safely on their own Zigbee network, but you'll still have local control over them via the integration.

Here's a used Hue Bridge with three warm white bulbs for $57.25
It's doesn't get much better than that.


Yeah i thought so. i had them both paired to my Hubitat hub and it works, but dimming is a terrible experience compared to the native one.

The only reason for not buying a Hue hub is that I at the moment only have a single Hue light, and I don't expect to buy any more in the near future.

Can I ask how you had this set up? Many people overlook the "Start Level Change" and "Stop Level Change" commands (in Rule Machine and Button Controller, these are exposed as the "Start raising/lowering dimmer" and "Stop changing dimmer level" actions). So you could do the former on buttons 2 and 3 held and the latter on buttons 2 and 3 released. Buttons 2 and 3 pushed could be reserved for the simple "Adjust dimmer level" action that most people discover more easily (e.g., up/down by 10-20% or whatever).

The only thing I don't like here is that with directly-paired bulbs, a downward "Start Level Change" will turn it all the way off if you don't stop (Hue will stop at level 1), and an upward "Start Level Change" turns it on even if it was off (Hue ignores bulbs that are off). Neither of this happens with the Hue Bridge. Not sure how Hue avoids this, but it doesn't look like Hubitat is doing an explicit "on," and neither way is inherently wrong...I just happen to not like this. :man_shrugging:

That makes sense. :slight_smile: If you're not set on Hue, perhaps you could sell it and buy another smart bulb (Sengled? I hate to recommend these because I don't like them, but they work well paired to Hubitat; Inovelli's LZW41 is great and you wont notice lack of groups with a single bulb; LIFX is not natively supported and are Wi-Fi so I wouldn't fill my house with them, but I used the community integration with success in the past).

Otherwise, if you think you'll ever get more, the Bridge is a worthwhile addition.

Completely agree and on any professional solution they do the same as what you say hue do. It gives more options that way. I have asked Mike if this this could be changed in the past, he did say it should be possible.

Or just a ZigBee 3.0 lamp, they don't seem to have the same issues as the older models.


yeah, problem is that it isn't just a bulb. its the entire fixture

Might just get a hue hub :slight_smile:

What brand have you tested? I'm also kind of curious how well the new Yeelight bluetooth mesh bulbs work. I have a Mijia Multimode Gateway that supports Bluetooth mesh, but I'm full up on smart bulbs. Don't feel like purchasing any more just for testing.

i was using rule machine with start raising, start lowering and stop changing

Nice fixture. I'd buy the bridge just for that. It looks worth it. Pickup that used one I posted. You don't have use for the bulbs right now, but you'll find some use for them eventually and then you'll be glad you had them. They're nice bulbs and that price is less than a new bridge alone, so getting three bulbs for free is a sweet deal.

thx, there's a posting on fb marketplace for a bridge for 30 bucks, and a new one costs 49 so i'll go with that.

(It's 50 bucks to ship to Sweden from amazon :wink: )

I have 4 GU10 2 aurora AOnes and 2 osram ledvance (the new brand). I also have 2 small ES INNER lamps all RGB tuneable. These are all ZigBee 3.0 they all act the same which is nice but still waiting for Mike to sort his new driver for them as the built in one has some issues with the new standard.

They all work though and have been rock solid. Oddly It also seems that the older lamps have also been (don't want to jinx it but) solid since they have been added. I wouldn't read much into that though, but from the tables they seem to have become the preferred repeaters to route though so it might explain it.

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