Parallel meshes?

Our current home had a Ranger Technologies alarm system when we moved in. I believe they used The tech that came out to activate it initially said the devices were all zwave, We have since switched to Vivint, who installed some kind of "translator" to be able to reuse the ranger devices. I have never seen any of these devices show up on my zwave mesh. Is it going to cause m e problems eventually having dual z wave networks in the home? Is there some way to be able the "see" those devices (in general, doesn't necessarily have to be Hubitat), thought i would like to somehow merge the two together.

It might help to have some more details on your current sensor devices and the translator device your alarm co rep installed.

In general no. I currently have 5 ZWave networks in my home. I had 6 but recently pulled power on a ST hub.

Zniffer or equivalent.


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