Par38 / BR40 RGBW

This community is 100% amazing. I have found so many great ideas and details here - it has been immensely helpful. One of my goals at the outset of starting my smart home adventure a month ago was to make sure that all outdoor bulbs were RGBW capable - even if only to use that feature around holidays. One of the things I've read thread after thread about is a lack of RGBW Par38 / BR40 bulbs that aren't wifi based... even the ones that are wifi based now seem incapable of OTA flashing with Tasmota...

In that vein I have a few questions:

  1. Are there any available z-wave/zigbee RGBW Par38/BR40 bulbs that can operate outdoors? Form factor is not optional based on the recessed can size and wasps liking to build nests if ONLY a BR30 bulb is inserted into the can.

  2. If not 1, are their any known folks still selling OTA flashable wifi RGBW Par38/BR40 bulbs I could flash with Tasmota? I just don't think I have the time to learn how to physically flash them - assuming even that works still.

  3. If not 2, is anyone out there selling on e-bay or what not or planning on selling some RGBW bulbs that are re-programmed with Tasmota in the Par38/BR40 form factor? (I know I'd pay well - I'm assuming others would too)

  4. If not 1, 2, or 3 Are there any 6" diameter outdoor rated RGBW recessed light replacement/retrofit kits I could buy? weather ranges from -10F with windchill up to 105 Fahrenheit but bulbs would not have direct contact with water - only fog... which I guess is just less dense water... so do what you will with that (yaye ohio).

I bought Hubitat as I firmly believe in the local processing mindset and I'm loving it... If anyone knows of a cache of bulbs, i'm looking for approximately ~8. Thanks everyone for your time!

Hi! Did anyone ever reply to you? If not, I'd love to know what solution you came up with. Many thanks

If you're in the US, the bulbs I linked in the post below work. You'll need to install the Tuya integration app (linked thread) and use the Tuya Smart app instead of the CREE app to setup the bulbs. Setting up the Tuya dev account takes about 10-15 minutes.