Pairing with C-8 timing out

Just tried again, and it looks like the z-stick got a partial list of neighbors, but hubitat doesn't show anything related to the z-stick having included.


That is no where near my entire list of devices.

Can't remember exactly where it is or the name, but there is something like an Update button in the PC controller app on that screen.

Can't remember the exact wording right now unfortunately. Maybe poke around for that or similar option in PC controller.

I thought that I have a reference to it in my remove Ghosts PDF, but I can't find it.

yeah, there's "update neighbors". doesn't do anything. re-excluded, and same thing trying to reinclude now, hub just says it times out, and pc controller says "learn mode completed replicated failed". =/

ironically it could be due to the ghosts... =(

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I'm going to try to join my SilLabs UZB stick to my hub and see how it goes.

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Thanks. I have a HomeSeer+ (the 500 series stick) that I'm trying to use. Thanks for the assist!

Mine joined up fine, and I see all my devices, so other than a potential issue w/your particular UZB stick, I don't think we have a general PC Controller/UZB stick issue here.

Regarding "Update" - this is the button I was referring to. Note the comments in this post that seem may be similar:

FWIW, I was also able to easily exclude my UZB stick as well. The SilLabs stick I have is a 700 series.

I have the zooz and it always just shows as device or not fully paired but it works fine...

"update" was greyed out for me on the stick when it partially enrolled.

To make sure, you all are hitting include on C-8, then on PC Controller, you're doing "Select Learn Mode" then doing an NWI?

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just got into a partial pair state again. it got 8 of the 41 zwave devices in my mesh. Update is greyed out so I can't click it. It also still doesn't show up on the HE side of things...

Log from PC Controller side

I can only imagine it's because of those ghost entries, but who knows. =/ I'd buy a 700 series stick if I thought it would make a difference. =/

Sorry, no idea if it would help, but I've never heard of the 500 series being limited in anyway. Really annoying/odd. I don't think I have any additional info to add. Maybe @support_team can help.

I have been having exactly the same issue since my migration to the C8 several weeks ago and I have a 700-series stick. Sometimes if I light some sage, bow three times to the east, rub the C8 gently between the antennas, and power cycle it for a couple of minutes, I can get the stick to properly include. But not often. It's as if the communication between the stick and the C8 somehow times out halfway, or the device thinks it is done but the hub doesn't. My mesh on the surface looks like it's in solid shape.

I've been having a similar issue with Ring gen 2 keypads and a smartstart. They appear to be included, then they either have partial functionality or they work fine for a few hours and stop. Or the keypad thinks it has successfully included but yet a ghost with a discover button shows up on the hub.

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Might be moot... I might have finally gotten the ghosts to delete. they were in the unknown "discover" and "pending" state. Hit discover, then "refresh", then finally "Remove" (again) and they SEEM to be gone.

Just ordered a Zooz 800 stick... cheap enough.

this is what i'm seeing as well with my ZEN16 multirelay. it seems to think it's done, but the hub doesn't think so. makes me think we might have a Zwave sdk issue... or a hub firmware issue.

I think you may be right... especially since I can fire up a C7 and get this to work every time. The counter-argument is that these are one-off issues, especially since the folks at Hubitat are unable to replicate them -- and they have tried at least some of them. But if that were the case there is something about the migration and the C8 that have exposed them, since they were all running fine on the C7.

When I include the stick I have to basically do it next to the hub then I can take my laptop where I want.

A good practice!

I've been having a heck of a time with Ring keypads so I fired up a C8 with nothing else on it - zero zwave devices. I paired the ring keypad to it and it worked great. For a couple hours. And then it stopped working, with a red "network" indicator on the keypad. It was about 15ft from the hub the whole time, with a 40kbps direct connection (that's the fastest these ring keypads will support).

Yeah it had a hard time pairing when not next to it

I'll try with a laptop in a bit. my desktop is only about 15 feet from hub though.

Just got my 800 stick. Similar results. Inclusion times out on the PC Controller side...


On the HE side, the hub just keeps chugging. The list of devices on the PC Controller side is a little longer with the 800 stick.

Interestingly, these show up in PC Controller:

there's no matching entry in the Z-wave devices in HE... these look like they could be some type of ghost that migrated over from my C-7? they certainly aren't from the C-8 natively...