Pairing too close to Hub?

I have 2 IRIS V2 Keypads that used on ST. I set a friend up on ST and gave him one of the keypads. I had no problem pairing that to his ST system and it worked fine.

When I went to HE I moved mine to HE no problem. Changed my friend to HE and have difficulties getting his keypad to work on HE.

HE says it pairs but it doesn't seem to work. So thought something was wrong with the keypad. I removed and reset mine and took it to his place. Could not get HE to see it at all. Took his to my place and it paired right up. So basically I can get both of them to work on my hub but neither on his hub.

Trying to figure out what could be different. When at his place doing the pairing I am about 1 foot from his hub. At my place about 10 ft. Could that have any bearing on the situation?

Are you both on the same zigbee channel?

I would assume so. I never changed the channel on either hub, so if the default is the same for all hubs then they are on the same one.

The Zigbee channel is not the same on all hubs. I recommend Zigbee channel 20 as it seems to be the most compatible with older Zigbee devices.


Mine is on 20. I can't check the other one until I am up there again.

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Also if there is an ST hub around. Turn it off when pairing devices to HE. I have 3 HE hubs, Hue Bridge and an ST hub. Even though the ST hub is on a lower end channel (18) and my HE are on 20, 22 and 25. I could never pair most of my Zigbee devices to HE when ST is on.