Pairing Ring Ver 1 keypad with Hubitat

I've search all over but can't find how to pair a Ver 1 Ring keypad to my new C7 hub. I want to just utilize it with HSM and no other ring devices. I read somewhere there is a reset hole on the back and something about key 5 but all vague. Would really appreciate some direction . Much appreciated.

Press and hold key 5 for factory reset

Press and hold key 1 for inclusion/exclusion

Bryan I knew you knew the answer but with your new duties, didn't want to bother you again. Just to clarify , do I press the #1 button and put a paperclip into the hole in the back at the same time to pair the keypad or just press and hold #1 ?

Just press and hold 1 button for 5 seconds.
Until they have a chance to update the HE documentation you can check details here for pair/exclude and Factory reset info for the Gen 1 Keypad.

Fantastic! Thank you so much. Last quick question. Presently I have a Ver 2 Iris keypad connected to Hubitat. Can I just add the Ring keypad to my HSM as a second keypad or do I have to remove the Iris keypad.

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Should work with both afaik. I have multiple iris keypads, but am awaiting the migration service to move over to my C7 and use the ring keypads.

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I'm having trouble pairing the Ring V1 keypad too. I'm pairing it to a C7 hub. It finds it, and then has a really long number pop up and it wants me to input the first 7 digits. I don't see any number like this on the device label? If I just skip it and don't enter anything, it doesn't finish pairing.

It should be a 5 digit number on a label with a QR code on the back of the keypad (remove from the mounting bracket to see it).


Once you find the DSK, I had some struggle getting these to join the first time. Took multiple attempts and not sure if it was related, but they finally fully joined when I paired them disconnected from power (and it also followed a factory reset). So once you find those 5 digits, if it still seems to struggle to pair, try disconnecting from power.

I was wondering how you are able to disconnect the Ring keypad from power if its a sealed rechargeable battery which can not be removed. Much appreciated. I'll be soon trying to join mine and have been following posts like this .

As in joining the device when connected to battery power instead of joining while the supplied charging/power cable is plugged into the device. May make no difference in practice, but if you have issues could be worth a try.

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What worked for me in pairing the keypad was rebooting the hub. Then it paired properly immediately. But I did learn in the process of trying a hundred times that if I deselected all the boxes in the S2 pairing popup, it reported those first 5 numbers- helpful until @Brandon pointed out where on the keypad that number was (below the QR code).

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