Pairing RGBGenie 5121

Who remembers how to pair an RGBGenie 5121 remote? I have had device for months and cant remember how and this process doesn't seem to work:

The LED blinks twice any time I push a button so I assume that I need to re-pair it. I replaced the battery.

I thought that you had to push two buttons at once to do the reset, but the instructions on the RGBgenie site say to just hold the ON button (second from bottom).

The instructions on their site also say if it blinks when you push a button, it is supposedly paired.

Yeah, when it was working, it blinked once. Now, it's blinking twice every time I push a button and not working or showing anything in logs.

I remember it being picky after I changed a battery too. I just cannot remember how I eventually got it to pair.

Did you try the usual stuff like reboot the hub first, or move the button closer to the hub?

There's a driver issue with this device. I had to use a different device driver (with an incorrect number of buttons) in order to get access to the buttons that do exist.

See here for details: RGBgenie ZB-5121 - only two buttons showing in driver

Tried @'ing the RBGenie rep on the forums here with no luck. Might be worth trying to contact them directly to fix the integration.

@Gnant you still checking up on these forums?

Here! My apologies. Feel free to call my cell. 602 818 2509.

I'm getting 2 LED blinks with a button push but have never had a problem with native driver previously. I am just trying to re-pair to hub.

HE Compatibility list says to just hold light button but that's not working. I am just trying to confirm pairing procedure.

Replying to myself to document this, but this hopefully will help else having trouble with this in the future.

I could not get this to pair again (was previously paired with this hub) no matter what I did. Apparently, I found a way to factory reset it. Hold the "on" button until it blinks, then press the "on" button 5 times very rapidly.

Start pairing mode on the hub. Hold the "on" button on the remote until it blinks, then short press the "off" button. It nearly instantly was found by the hub. Just doing the pairing procedure did not work, you had to do a reset.

Thank you for posting that. If any of our remotes have been part of a network before. They will need to be reset as you described. Not sure why it fell off the network.

It seems to happen if the battery goes dead, and you don't notice for a while. If you catch it right away and put a new battery in, it doesn't need this reset. I suspect that is what happened to Stephen too.

Hmmm... that should not happen. It should retain the settings. Pop the battery out and see if it happens again. If so, I'll send you another. Just pm me.

Like I said, if I catch it right away, like within a day or two, it re-pairs fine. It just seems to have trouble if you wait like a couple weeks or more.

I am not concerned about it, now that I know how to do the reset I am fine. Part of why I posted is because I couldn't find my instruction manual, and there are zero manuals on the 'net including on your site for this device. :wink:

Doh! Thanks for the heads up.

How long did you need to hold the on button before it started blinking? I think I have gone as long as 60 seconds and I only see a solid green light.

Not long, maybe 15-20 seconds?

Maybe try to pull the battery from the 5121 for a few seconds before trying the the reset? Or with your hub shut down (settings tab, shutdown), and unplugged plug from the wall?

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