Pairing Hue bulbs to HE C5

Having some issues pairing hue bulbs directly to the HE C5. They have been factory reset but when I initiate the zigbee pairing in HE, nothing comes up. (even with the bulbs right beside the HE)

Is there anything else I can try? I do have a hue bridge but would prefer not to use it if possible.

How did you reset them?

I used the touchlink method using the CLIP page for the hue hub

Bulbs blinked and stayed on..etc.

Huh, what channel is your hubs zigbee running on?

it's on 20

Well heck, assuming you have at least one other working zigbee device running, I would be out of ideas...

I don't :frowning: Z-wave has been working flawlessly and I just picked up these hue bulbs because they were cheap.. maybe i will have to stick with the hue bridge and shelf this for a different way :slight_smile: It works, I'm just stubborn don't want to use the bridge.

Well get some sort of zigbee line powered device just to make sure your zigbee actually works first.
Ge makes a zigbee plugin dimmer, good for nightstands ect...

well time to spend more :slight_smile: will report back with my findings

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Iā€™m just curious, but why?

There are some potential downsides to pairing Hue bulbs directly to the hub vs. to their native bridge and integrating the bridge with Hubitat over your LAN.


I personally really like using the Hue Bridge. It provides native integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Logitech Harmony Hub, as well as Hubitat, Node-RED, Home Assistant, etc... I find it nice not having to un-pair and re-pair my devices to try out various integrations. It also makes it simple to keep the firmware on the bulbs up to date, allows for the bulbs to retain their state after a power loss, etc.


Coming from a z wave environment everything just works and I don't have to worry about the LAN connection..etc.