Overriding Rule Machine with Scene Controller

Been using the C7 for a few days.
So much better than SmartThings.
All working great and I love Rule Machine (and took very little time to learn it).

I have set rules to control light dimming dependent on motion, time of day and whether anyone is sleeping etc (using a virtual switch so set "sleep mode").
Works really well.
I have another virtual switch that can be used to overrule the dimming settings (with more rules) and use Alexa to do this.
Now I want to go a step further and put in hardware to control this with button presses etc.
Needs to be battery operated. Zigbee preferred or zwave is okay too.

Would the Z-Wave Remotec Scene Master be able to turn on the virtual switch and set the dimming level (trying to get away for Alexa as much as possible and keep everything local).


Z-Wave Remotec Scene Master

Remotec Scene Master - Master your home, Master your lifeThe Z-Wave Remotec Scene Master is a Z-Wave controller which can trigger actions and predefined scenes in a Z-Wave control center. The device has 8 single buttons and a status LED.The Scene...

Or does anyone know of a better device for this (similar price or less)?

Cheers :slight_smile:

I bought one of these and is working really well.
Very happy with it and with my C7 hub.