Outside temp sensor

still looking for a decent sensor to monitor my outside temp. I found this;
Would that be possible to make work with HE?

As it's bluetooth, then no. :wink:

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I have these Sensative Z-wave Comfort Strips outside and in my attic. They are a little pricey and a little tricky to pair but they have worked fine with no problems. They seem to be accurate.


Hm, well, thanks. I though I read it was wifi, that why I bothered asking... :slight_smile:
I guess I'll have to continue my search then...

If anyone has a (simple) sensor with outside probe, please share... Thanks!

Agree! Heard good things about these, but a bit pricey... Thanks for the tip though, still a candidate... :slight_smile:

Xiaomi/Aqara temp/humidity sensors as long as they are not exposed to rain will probably be OK.
In my aquarium I am using a Qubino Thermostat Module.
Its z-wave and uses an external probe for temperature measuring.
It's mains driven so will need power and also need mounting in something that is water tight. Would that be possible?
Just an idea.

I can confirm that they work great, also report temperature.
Also, they don't need to be protected from rain.
The only drawback I see is that the battery cannot be replaced.

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Well, price is right, but don't see where the probe is connected? Maybe the strip will be the easiest after all... Then I just fasten it to the side of the window or something...

No external probe.
Just mount anywhere outside where it won't get wet.
I have one in a freezer in my detached garage. Works well but chews through batteries probably because of the cold.
In my bathrooms the batteries last a long time. Over a year.

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I have the outside strip mounted over my back door. That way it is easy to reset if I need to..... just don't lose the little magnet that is used to reset it. I saved the magnet in the box the strips came in....now if I can only remember where I put the box :thinking:

i had nothing but problems both pariing and unpairing the sensitive device sticks.. followed the instructdions exactly but the light would never come on on the last pass. I gave up and tossed them..
never again.

While they certainly look great, I have heard of such problems... But kinda hoping it was that particular device that had the problem... Did you find another solution that worked out?

im using a hue outdoor temp motion for one.. it works fine except not in direct sun.. but not sure any do in that configuration.. also these are very cheap i got on ebay and seem to be mostly sealed and waterproof. they pair as motion , just change to contact with themp and the work well outdoors.

these are what i replaced the sticks with in the windows i was monitoring

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Thanks, I think I will take a chance with the strip after all...

I have a Xiaomi/Aqara temp/humidity sensor on my covered deck. It gets dirt, pollen, mist, hot and cold. It has worked like a champ since last summer (2019). I am going to hang one under my overhand but have not gotten to it. To mount I simply used some heavy thread, wrap it like a box from the bakery and hung it by the string....right out in the open.

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I've had one outside for a couple years now, and it works great, too! (I've had everything days over 100 °F to recordbreaking -30 °F...I think it eventually bottomed out before it got there, but everything else was fine.) It's exposed to outdoor air but reasonably protected from direct rain, snow, and sun. I added a Sonoff Zigbee Temperature/Humidity sensor (SNZB02) to this mix recently, too, and I like it. I'd almost recommend it over Xiaomi, given that they aren't know to be picky about your mesh like Xiaomi is. Both are pretty cheap. I also have an ST Multisensor outside, and that works well too aside from not really being designed entirely for this purpose, and Hubitat's stock driver doesn't configure it to update quite as often. So while none are really intended for outdoor use, my experience supports many others' above that you'll probably be fine as long as they are reasonably protected.

Ones I know of that do claim outdoor support include the Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor (mentioned above) and the Aeon Multi 6 (but not when exposed to the elements, so I don't consider this significantly different from an indoor sensor I'd reasonably protect...except that it's way more expensive). None, neither these or the ones above, have probes, just internal sensors--not really sure if that's a requirement for you or just something you were curious about.

If you can get a Fibaro door sensor with the external connection somewhere, you can add a DS18B20 probe to it. Door sensor itself is not waterproof, the probe is.
Probe is around $2 on Ali.

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Just wrote my "instructable" :wink:

Pickup a can of this for $13 bucks on Amazon to spray down the electronics inside and you can use any device you want wherever you want.



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I prefer the softer silicone type of conformal coating something like this its easier on the components as the temperature changes. However it won't work pressure or humidity sensors.

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