Outdoor wireless camera recommendations


I replaced the original transformer this morning. It was a 10V 5VA unit so not much of a mystery why the indoor chime wasn't ringing. With the new transformer installed the indoor chime works as expected and I'm seeing 26.1V across the doorbell's power terminals. Hopefully this takes care of the lockup issue.


Any suggestion of camera to be used with HE on a dashboard but without the need of INTERNET connection all time, that's my main concern.

I can provide a DHCP server on my intranet for the camera to get IP but I would like to access it on my dashboard while I am offline.

Any suggestion? please Brand+MODEL


I have blink cameras but I cant figure out how to get HE to recognize them


Alone Hubitat doesn't recognize Blink cameras . You have to add the Hubitat app for IFTTT ( if this then that). Then go into IFTTT and use arm and disarm Blink cameras when Hubitat mode changes. So first go into Hubitat and in the app section choose IFTTT to add . Then sign up for IFTTT and register to allow it to connect to both Blink and Hubitat