Outdoor rgb lights zigbee or zwave

I’m looking for exterior rgbw puck lights for under my eaves. I would like them to be zigbee or zwave. Any ideas?

Take a look at innr they do outside lights and there products are great.

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I have not seen too many puck lights that are ZigBee or Z-Wave (I assume you mean pucks like these https://www.aliexpress.com/i/10000353917435.html, but for outdoor use). Since you are talking about ones that go under the eaves you probably do not need the waterproof outdoor variety but some protection would probably be good (I have some indoor stuff under eaves that has been fine for years... but it could vary).

You might have better luck finding an RGB lighting you like that breaks out the RGB wires and then connect a controller to those (something like a ZOOZ ZEN31).

Personally (again, just my opinion) would look for one that does RGBW or RGB+CCT so you also get white too. RGB mix to white is not going to be quite as good.