Outdoor Power Bar

hey folks ... I'm looking to replace my Innoveli outdoor z-wave power bars. While migrating back to Hubitat they seemed to have stopped working. I cannot get them to associate no matter what I try (and I've done it lots of times before).

With that aside, I'm thinking of replacing them and coming up pretty empty on options. I'm fine with Wifi, Zigbee or Z-Wave as long as it has some support via Hubitat. I'm not interested, or at least a last resort, in using IFFT or something.

Does such a thing exist? Again, this is outdoors in an exposed area. Thanks!

Kasa make 2 outlet outdoor devices.
They work well with the Kasa integration available for Hubitat.

Kasa Outdoor Outlets

Thanks for that! I didn't realize Kasa was part of TP-Link neither ... interesting for sure. I'll order some of them up (on sale too!) .. many thanks!

I just wanted to post another thank you .. got the Kasa outdoor power bars on the weekend and they installed no problem - super quick and easy. Thanks!

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Glad to hear it!
The make great in wall switches, and a nice indoor power bar too.

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