Outdoor housing for the hubitat hub?

Hi all, i'm interested in an external housing for my hubitat. I have an outdoors pool house with a bbq area that i have a couple of lights automated on. Its too far from my house for zwave to reach it so i put a second hub there. Over the summer i left the hub on the counter but as winter is coming i stashed it under the cover of my grill (with the cables coming out of it.

what i had in mind was to run a PoE cable to some housing and then use one of these types of devices https://www.amazon.com/UCTRONICS-PoE-Splitter-Gigabit-Raspberry/dp/B07CNKX14C to both power the hub and to connect it to my network?

Anyone tried that type of setup?

I also want to mount this on the side of my home. Anyone has a decent outdoor case for hubitat that also could accommodate the power splitter above?

First: https://www.amazon.com/Enclosure-IPE963-LTC-Extreme-Broadband-Dimensions/dp/B07FY224LW/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=Outdoor+enclosure&qid=1606955732&sr=8-7

Almost any weatherproof enclosure like this should be sufficient.

However, based on personal experience, the C4 and C5 hubs really don't like heat. I had one in a closet that got up to 80f ambient or so, and had constant hub lockups.

If you can get a Zwave or Zigbee powered device up in an outdoor enclosure that can "see" the hub and acts as a repeater, that may be a better approach.



What ever enclosure you put out the be sure it is well vented. If you seal a box in the elements moisture will eventually condense on the inside.


I have used the below outside and it has a separate area for high voltage and low voltage. Comes with a GFCI outlet.


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I had it outdoors this summer in 100F heat (in the shade) and the c7 did fine. But I had good ventilation, I put it on a counter in the shade.