Outback Power MATE3 Solar Driver (for FlexPower One and Two)

Here are drivers for the Outback Solar MATE3. I have drivers for the FlexPower One with one inverter, one charge controller, one FNDC, and a MATE3. I also have a driver for the FlexPower Two with two inverters, two charge controllers, one FNDC, and a MATE3. I have already created several useful RM routines to more efficiently utilize power once my batteries are at 100% and I would otherwise be wasting solar input. Hope these are useful for the community!

FlexPower One: http://www.rcmichelson.com/storage/hubitat/drivers/queryFlexPowerOneMATE3.groovy
FlexPower Two: http://www.rcmichelson.com/storage/hubitat/drivers/queryFlexPowerTwoMATE3.groovy

I have also created a Rule Machine routine to notify me when the system switches between grid and solar along with a Battery SOC indication. It does require the creation of two local variables, Batt_SOC and PV_mode.