Other Hub stuff missing?

Am I losing my mind, or did the posts containing the Other Hub OHB stuff disappear. I can’t find the original post or the new one @krlaframboise posted yesterday.

@ogiewon, I even lost my bookmark to your step by step. Really strange.

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I think it's been integrated into Hubitat. There's a new post about it. The new app is called Hub Link. There's a link to the details in the update but here is the direct one:

The Other Hub stuff is down temporarily, due to some platform changes. It should be back soon.

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That is really bad timing for me. I held off moving a few devices that were “high value” to me until the handler updates that were posted yesterday. After the updates, I moved everything just in time for it to break because of the Hubitat update. Just my luck. :cry:

@bravenel, please let us know if a resolution is coming soon or if I need to move and recreate a bunch of devices and autimations back to ST today.

For some reason I did not process that part of your message. I'll take a chill pill now and wait patiently.

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Thanks for the reply @oldernstone. I believe that app provides integration but in the other direction. I rely on Other Hub to control my Hubitat devices remotely and connect to my non-Hubitat integrations .

Aha! Yes, you’re right. I haven’t played with linking the two systems together as I’d rather end up with only one, provided I can get my thermostats working with Hubitat. In a way I’m fortunate that most of my devices were supported out of the box, or able to be added in relatively easily. #gocaseta

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I’ve re-written the integration and it no longer uses the Bridge, but that means you’re going to have to delete the old integration and start over.