Osram Sylvania Smart+ Lightify

All of my zigbee 3.0 lamps do this, its ODD.

Thank you very much. It just odd that the bulbs work perfectly for years and then one day it started doing. So, should I put the Sylvanias on a bridge/hub or only use the Hubitat ZigBee? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks,

Actually, it was the cree bulbs that gave me a new appreciation for sengled. I still have the osrams but they are on a separate hub with the "drawer of shame" devices. I also still have 4 crees running on that hub. But there's nothing else on the hub. So they do fine.

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Probably after getting a firmware update on SmartThings. If you have different ICs on the bulbs they may have had different effects from the updates.

Unless you have a lot of them, or they are causing problems, I would leave them on Hubitat for now. I have mine on a separate Hubitat, but that’s not an option until they are back in stock. You have the Osram version of these which are known to cause mesh issues, so just keep that in mind if you start seeing unresponsive devices. Also, don’t ever add peanut plugs to the mesh.

I'm assuming that the Lightify Hub will determine if I need an update or do I still need to down load the firmware?

The Osram Lightify Gateway (looking at the packaging to get the name exactly right) will determine and provide the update. However the gateway itself will need to update first, so I recommend you configure it, let it update, reboot it, and add the bulbs after. This process isn't perfect. I tried to do it outdoors and it connected to the outdoor bulbs (can switch them on/off) but didn't show up as devices and didn't update. I ended up taking them out of their fixtures and indoors at my desk. You'll probably need to reset them multiple times.

Also, they've only been updated and re-installed about 48 hours or so, but my preliminary impression is that the routing hasn't improved. If they work as well enough as is, you might want to consider whether it is worth the expense and trouble.

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Thank you!

Does anybody know if the Osram Smart+ RGBW bulb below is ZigBee 3.0? I think it is as it has a Z3 in the model name on HE but can't find this information anywhere on their website (or the box I bought).

  • endpointId: 01
  • model: CLA60 RGBW Z3
  • application: 01
  • softwareBuild: 00103101
  • firmwareMT: 1189-0011-00103101
  • manufacturer: LEDVANCE

My main question is that I see lots of people above struggling with these bulbs and I have a large ZigBee mesh on one hub which only has ZigBee 3.0 devices (Aurora double power sockets and Aurora RGBW bulbs) and so wondering whether I should add this Osram bulb to that mesh or whether I should just put it on my other hub (I have done the second option to start with but if people think bulb is zigbee 3.0 and is a strong repeater then I may just add my to larger ZigBee mesh)

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

The only way to tell on osram stuff is if it has a QR code on the lamp it's is 3.0 if it doesn't it's not. I have spoken to them loads about it and they don't say anything on the packet, this is the only way to tell according to them.

I’m pretty sure I saw this listed as Zigbee 3.0 on the Zigbee Alliance page. Also, 00103101 is a Zigbee 3.0 firmware.

Great, thank you @BorrisTheCat and @Ken_Fraleigh - the bulb has a QR code on it and if the firmware is 3.0 I now have enough confidence to add it to the ZigBee mesh on my main ZigBee hub.

Cheers fellas!