Osram Lightify lights on zigbee switch

I have 4 Osram Lightify RGBWW bulbs in my bonus room. They were working fine when I had them connected to a regular switch. I wanted to be able to control the lights, no matter the status of the switch. When I connected them to a zigbee switch, 2 of the lights works, 2 just continually blink.

Is the Zigbee 'switch' a true "Switch" or is it a "Dimmer" by any chance? This might explain why they are flickering.

In any event, smart bulbs should always have power, all of the time. Only Sengled bulbs are designed to be connected to a switch device (since they are not Zigbee repeaters.)

What is the purpose of connected 4 Smart bulbs to a Smart Switch? Most users use a Button Controller device and simply keep the power on to the bulbs at all times.

Solved. Messing with the switch the neutral broke. Fixed that and they are good

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