Osram Lightify - Another one bites the dust


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They are killing off their cloud servers... but are they going to be killing off the product lines would be my question. I know other people have had mixed luck with Lightify devices but I have had a decent time, especially with the Gardenspot and LED strips.

Osram has no interest in spending on this since they sold off the consumer bulb division in 2016.


Exactly. Their bulb qc has slipped in recent years too. I have a feeling they were outsourcing the bulb manufacturing for awhile before they sold of the division.

Ive had a number of their Smart bulbs fail on me under OSRAM/Sylvania branding over time purchased seperately at Lowe's or Amazon.

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I think I have had all of my A19 rgbw replaced under warranty (about 40), but have never had a recessed light fail. I’m guessing it’s an overheating issue. Even though all of my lights are in open fixtures they get hot enough to burn my hands. On the plus side, the replacements seem to be lasting.