I currently have quite a few osram bulbs. The driver used is the built in generic zigbee rgbw driver. Does anyone know if it is possible to use the pulse option with HE? The smartthings driver had this feature, but I cannot figure out how to access this feature with HE.


Not that I am aware. When I was on SmartThings the pulse option was only available with a custom cloud only driver. I think that would be a nice addition. The Sengled color plus drivers have some additional functionality you can play around with and they work pretty well, but I ended up switching back to the Generic rgbw driver due to some annoying issues with them.

I have a couple of these as well can you explain what you mean by 'pulse'? Do you mean flashing them?

Pulsing is when the bulb goes from dim to bright and then dim again... Pausing for a set amount of time then repeating.

Gotcha. I was playing with a Spare A19 Osram using the generic Zigbee but wasn't able to get the 'flash' function in Rule Machine to work.. which was the one thought I had. the RGBW might be different.

Another option though... I used this for an other switch I needed to flash.. was to create a rule to repeat a toggle action. Might be possible to create one that has it dim down, pause, brighten, pause and then repeat.

I have a ST Button that toggles the Virtual Switch that then drives this.


I'm pretty sure the only device drivers that support "flash" in HE are z-wave dimmers and switches. It's been a while, but I had tried to do flash in HSM with some Hue on the bridge, as well as zigbee bulbs on HE, and it was a no go. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, all of the commands that are available are reported on the device driver page.

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