Osram bulb not logging or updating state but responds to zigbee commands

New Hubitat owner here, I'm transitioning away from ST.

I have an Osram Lightify tuneable white A19 bulb using the zigbee bulb CT (dev) driver. It was working fine initially for a couple of days but is now behaving strangely. It still responds to zigbee commands, either by tapping the on and off buttons in the Edit Device page, or by Alexa sending it commands. But it's not updating its state values in the Edit device page, and hasn't added anything to its Events log. Alexa says it's not responding either, despite the light actually coming on when asked.

Is there anything I should try before reseting it an adding it again? I've clicked Configure, Refresh, Save Device, Save Preferences etc.

The Osram bulbs are not known for being all that great. I would recommend doing a factory reset on the bulb and re-pairing the device to HE and seeing if that clears it up (according to @mike.maxwell, the HE resident device guy).

There are several threads discussing these things. It is recommended that these be on a separate zigbee network as they are terrible repeaters for ZHA messages.

I know they don’t have a great reputation, but this bulb has been perfectly reliable when it was on my ST v2 hub.

I think there may be something else happening because my Zen Thermostat that I just moved over has also stopped updating. It too was 99.9% reliable on ST :neutral_face: It paired immediately and the current status came in quickly but now, nothing.

Ironically, all my Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity sensors are working fine.

Edit: The hub is on the same desk as the ST hub, about two feet apart. Could there be interference?

I removed the bulb device from HE and reset the bulb and attempted a rejoin. It found it but stuck on initialising. It hasn’t actually joined again.

So with the bulb off, I made the Zen leave the network and then rejoined it. HE showed it as an existing device as I didn’t delete it. Let’s see how that goes. Maybe the Zen was routing via the bulb. I think the Zigbee range of the C5 might be less than the ST hub?

It all depends on the order the devices were joined to HE and the order they were joined to ST. If you joined the Zen to HE first and then the bulb but joined them in the opposite order on HE, it's possible the routing was very different. Also, zigbee routing cannot be predicted. I have a Sengled bulb that is 6 feet from my hub through zero walls that routes through the repeater that is furthest from the hub, a full 20 feet away through 4 walls. So, I've given up trying to guess what router devices will route through.

I have the same issue with a z-wave dome water sensor and a tradfri plug(zigbee) the logs and device evnts page don't update, but i can control the plug and the flood sensor sets off HSM but events haven't updated since Feb 2019.
Something is up(C4 hub), both devices in same 20ft space 1 wall(inner hollow wood wall) between flood sensoe and open air to tradfri plug

Chiming in here -- I have the same issue with my Sylvania / Osram recessed RGBW lights. I have six in a single room and control them through a device group. I can issue a command to the group and they all turn on/off as expected pretty reliably, but if I look at the individual light status, some show as on and some as off. For the ones that are 'off', I can do a refresh and then the status is correctly updated to 'on'. Is there perhaps a way to set a polling interval on these?

I've been using the Sengled color plus driver on my Sylvania RGBW lights with much better results than the Generic RGBW driver (I noticed that device updates were not working right with it). I also updated all of my bulbs to the latest firmware (0102428 I'm pretty sure) released a couple months ago by pairing them back to SmartThings 2 at a time and then back to HE. Since doing these two things my lights have been working perfectly.