Orro Switches

Hello all - has anybody integrated an Orro switch (https://www.getorro.com/ ) with their system? Links line it is WiFi and BLE only for communicating with a control system & setup.

BLE is a definite no-go with Hubitat at this time. It is not a supported protocol as far as I am aware.

Wifi might be a possibility, but it would depend upon if it supports local control. Normally this is vi flashing with Tasmota, but there might be other ways I am not familiar with.

Maybe someone else knows more about these...

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I have it integrated via SmartThings and HubConnect. Only problem is that I can't get the dimming function to work via Hubitat, even when I have the device type set as dimmer. It will only turn it on or off. It dims via ST though so it must have something to do with the way HubConnect is sending the command and how ST is handling it.

I know nothing about these, but I would post in the Hubconnect thread and see if anyone has an idea about this.

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