Orphan ZWave devices and flaky GoControl sensor

New to hubitat and I'm starting to migrate devices from my Wink system. I want to thank the community for all the advice so far, it has been extremely helpful.

I've had fairly good luck moving over devices from Wink, but I am finding my ZWave sensors need to be close to the HE hub to be discovered initially. I can then move them where I need them.

So two questions. In pairing my ZWave devices I had one instance where it didn't work and now whenever I do a ZWave inclusion search for a new device I see this orphan ZWave device pop up in the list on ID 02 that just always says initializing, even though I believe it's not a real device at this point. Is there a way to remove that from the list? I doubt it's an issue, but it just seems odd.

Second, I paired a GoControl ZWave Window/Door sensor and although it works, it seems flaky. It occasionally misses events and when the events occur it always comes up as Open. So I'm not seeing Open/Close state. I also notice in the dashboard the device is colored red.

Thanks in advance

I don't know where you are in your migration, but I would start with line powered devices, as opposed to battery powered ones. Have a read on building a strong Zwave mesh before you get too far. Building from the center around the HE hub will make adding devices further out much easier and create a stable Zwave network.

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Thanks zarthan, that read is very useful and enlightening. Given I only have 2-3 Zwave devices, I may just end up replacing the door/window sensor with a zigbee sensor instead.

For the "stuck in initializing" issue, I have no idea what device caused that and the message pops up when I try and pair any new ZWave device. I wonder if rebooting the HE hub might clear that. I haven't tried that yet.

You will have the same issues with only a few Zigbee devices as well. Both Zigbee and Zwave are mesh protocols and need companion devices to relay signals. Thes radios are very low power and the signal is easily absorbed by structure between the HE hub and the device.
You might want to try a power down from the settings menu and then pull and restore power to the hub. Never just pull the power, always shut down from the menu first.

Great, thanks for passing that on. That's very good to know.

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