Original Xiaomi Motion Sensors to sell - Sold

I have 6 working Original Xiaomi motion sensors that are all within a year old that I will sell for 15$ per and free shipping within the USA or I will sell all 6 together for $75 Free shipping within the USA. PM me with an offer if interested. I'm open to discussing price. I'll have them ready to go by Tuesday this week.


@aaiyar Why'd you delete that? I changed it because you pointed it out.

Because I figured it distracts from the purpose of your post (and your clarification makes it unnecessary)

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If I was in the USA I would have the lot off you. :smile: (I could put them in my gizmo draw (my wifes description) with the rest of my 'stuff').
I love them and they work a treat for me. (Tempting fate here).
I suppose everybody's setup/experience with these is different but for me, they do the job.

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Never said that I wouldn't sell them outside of the US. Just won't pay for shipping beyond the US.

You guys missed out. They're spoken for.

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Unfortunately I can pick them up in the UK off ebay for around the same price (slightly more expensive) with free shipping.
Otherwise I probably would have taken them off your hands and found a reason to put them around the house for no other reason than I can. :smile:

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A "gizmo" drawer must be a common thing. I happen to have one of those too!


Around here we call that drawer a "garage" :laughing:


In Iowa, we call it an office.


AliExpress is your friend :wink: dirt cheap but will take a while to arrive.

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