Organizing Rules

Greetings everyone,

I am new here I’m moving from home control assistant which I have used for well over 17 years and simply love the way that they organize everything over to Hubitat which so far leaves me bewildered.

I want to organize my rules by room and then by time they happen this way I can logically see which roles happen in which roles in what order.

So far the rules are displayed in the order that I enter them which for the life of me I don’t understand seems way counterproductive.

Any suggestions?

I think there alphabetical


They should be alphabetical. If you want to "group" by room, I would use some sort of naming convention, like putting the room name first whenever you name the rule.

Here is an example of the sorting I mean (ignore the fact that I start all my rule names with then name of the app...I like it, but many people don't--point is, they're all alphabetical and I didn't create them in this order):

screenshot of rule/app list

I guess this part isn't really a question, but I'm still confused. :slight_smile: The order you create a rule (or any app) in doesn't matter; if they both respond to the same event, they'll happen more or less at the same time (or at least nearly so and not in a guratanteed order). If you're running one rule from another, e.g., with Run Rule Actions, and are this controlling the order of execution in this ir a similar manner, then...nevermind! Just wanted to make sure there wasn't any confusion here.


Thanks everyone didn't consider renaming them.

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Okay follow up question

How do you rename rules?

Open the Rule (click on the current name). Rename it. And then click Done.

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