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It would be nice to be able to organise the rules I’ve created in rule machine.. I have a large amount of rules and sometime I try something new and want to phase out some old ones, but it is painful to delete them in case I want to reinstate that rule again.. It would be nice to be able to just put them under for example “obsolete rules”

Anyone else think this is a good idea?

There's been some other requests in the past to give some improvement on the listing. Most things can be worked around pretty simply. Like you're use-case, probably just as much work to just append "obsolete" to the name. You could even do "z_obsolete" to help shove them to the bottom of the list.


You could also export them to an obsoleted folder on a computer.

That being said, some type of built in organization would be nice.


Yeah agreed - I posted a similar request some time ago. It doesn't need to be anything too fancy - just a way of nesting a number of related rules beneath a heading, so it can be shrunk/expanded much like Rooms worked when it was first added. I've tried numbering mine or prepending the names with their function 'Lighting', 'Notification' etc (you could just prepend yours 'Z - Some obsolete rule name' to keep them at the bottom of the list). But ultimately, that just keeps them in an ordered very long list, when what's needed is a means to hide/reveal a list by clicking its heading.


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