Orbit Iris Hose Faucet Water Timer


Orbit Iris Hose Faucet Water Timer (Works With Iris)

Item # 586530 Model # 27087

Does anyone know if this works with Hubitat? Thinking of getting a couple to automate the lawn watering. Already thinking of summer.


I’ve used one in the past over on ST, but I have not used it on Hubitat. Now, I’m going to have go back to Lowe’s and buy one!


FYI, with the latest version, this device is supported now.

Lowes IRIS Transition

I used it with hubitat. I copied the DTH from smartthings prior to it becoming officially supported. In general, I found it very flakey and I frequently lost control/contact with it. I had a zigbee switch hardwired on the other side of the wall where it was mounted and I still only had control of it about 20% of the time.

Ultimately I bought a normally closed solenoid and connected it to z-wave outdoor outlet/switch which is working like a champ.


I also tried that DTH initially and found that since the time on the device was not being set, it would flood the zigbee network with requests for the current time. I'm wondering if that was leading to the issues that you saw?

With our driver you can tell it to turn on for a specific amount of time and you can also schedule it for even days or odd days or every X days. From what I saw with that other DTH, you could only turn it on for 10 minutes at a time, which seemed kinda pointless.


Just bought one of these and have it set up in Hubitat. How do I use it? Not sure what each function does or what the parameters are for.

Do I have to set up schedules on the device itself?

We have a non-smart timer right now that we have water at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm for 20 minutes, so would like to duplicate that.


Anyone have a link to this timer ?




Thanks but no way to buy it.


Found it on eBay. Thanks


Can someone explain what these are used for? What does date need and number represents what (might be good for others searching since I couldn’t find it

I want to run every other day at a certain time; assuming RM is the best option vs these?



I also wrote a little app to do this...


I too would like to know the parameter to use to set water ever x days.

I have tried:
0 07/22/2019 2
1 07/22/2019 2
2 07/22/2019 0
2 07/22/2019 1

@mike.maxwell any help or is this not working ?


I documented the commands here:


Let me know if you have any questions.


You rock @chuck.schwer !


I'm not sure the schedule everyxdays is working. The state variables says it's off.


The device is kinda slow, after a minute or so refresh your browser.. here is mine, I put in 1, 15:00, 8 for values:



I put mine in a hour ago.


Try the Refresh button on the device, and if it still says its off,, try running the command again.


Ok it's working. State updates are really slow.