Orbit Hose Timer (Lowes Iris)


I have tried to do the Rule Machine but it is not working. I would like 2 Orbit Hose Timers to open the valve for 30 minutes and auto close afterwards. I would like it to run at 7am to 7:30am and to repeat again at 7pm to 7:30pm. I would like this to run everyday of the week.


You can set the Auto off Time in the Orbit Device Settings. I'm Sure you can set this when You make a rule but I haven't messed with that part.

You can make 2 Rules in Rule Machine to have it Run at those times. Heres my Device Settings and the Rules I use.

Morning Rule

AfterNoon Rule

How to use Orbit Hose Water Timer with the dashboard?

Thanks that worked. I was even able to get it to send me a text message when the rule starts. Do you know how to create a rule to send a text message when the Orbit Hose Timer closes the valve?


It probably goes something like this. I don’t use texting since you only get 10 messages a day. I use pushover. I can test this tomorrow because my test valve is locked away in the man cave.

The select actions area you pick speak and that’s where you put your phone number. This isn’t my real phone number so nobody call it.


Is there any way to program the schedule with by going into the device menu for the timer? I can open and close the valve, but that is all. Does it only have to be a rule in order to run a schedule?


You can create a schedule but it's a single schedule where-as using RM you can create multiple schedules to run but not the duration as it will use the default time set in the device settings.



@mike.maxwell is it possible to add the set watering time in RM also ?