Option to turn on store ZigBee logs

It would be useful if light normal logs you could see past logs to help identify issues. These may take up space? So a debug option to turn on and store X days or what ever would be good. That way it stays as it is unless turned on.

Honestly they could just make a syslog server option...:slight_smile:

if you're getting into wireless debugging at this level your best bet is to get a frame sniffer for the protocol in question.
They also contain frame decoders which simplify the process.

I think that will be to advanced for me. I just wanted to see stuff that happened before devices dropped and see the overall signals.

trolling through the zigbee spec isn't advanced?

Trust me here, if a device and or a driver are doing stupid ■■■■, the only real way to see what's up is to sniff the frames...

:man_shrugging: I just saw the message and googled it and searched the spec.

OK, just no idea where to start or what I would need.

A xbee stick and wire shark. Though if you're having devices drop off regularly, what devices are doing it? 1st thing I would do is change the zigbee channel to something higher to see if things improved.

got load the same and its just one, I am on channel 25 which is the best one recommended for them. I think its just a bad join and needs to be deleted and re joined. It was getting there that brought this request. I had to ensure that the browser was kept on the whole time to catch it what was happening. Then had to see it twice to ensure my suspicions were correct. Hence why it would have made things quicker had I been able to to see the logs.

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I'd love to see this, just asked the same about Zwave logs. Haven't heard any feedback though from the HE staff. I think persistent logging is a great idea.

i have a xbee connected to a usb ethernet and wire shark need to work out how to connect the two now :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:

connect the xbee directly to your pc and use wireshark to monitor that port

is it not possible to do it over the network? XCTU works

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