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So I took the advice of forum members and setup Openvpn on my Tplink Archerx21 router needed access to my local network when not at home. It worked reliably for 2 months I travel for work a lot but the other day when I was away we had a power outage router restarted and it gave my network a new IP address, I have spectrum internet and as stated above I’m running a Tplink Archer X21 router running an Openvpn sever.

Tplink offers a free dynamic dns service but I can’t for the life of me figure it out so I need a little assistance pointing me in the right direction of setting this up so Openvpn will redirect my VPN connection if my IP changes thanks for any help in advance.

I use with my netgear router. It's free you just have to respond to an email once a month to keep it going.

It was pretty easy to setup the instructions are here.

After setting up a DNS host name you will need to update your router and I assume download new keys to put on your remote devices.


Ok thanx for the help terminal3 is another free DNS service. I use it for four remote VPN servers I'm running, no issues.


freedns is another without so much nagging as no-ip

Thx for all the good info it’s much appreciated

That's the link to setup ddns with TP-link

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