Open to suggestion on cloning devices

My current setup is

Coordinator hub - Wifi-Lan-Cloud Devices has ALL APPS, and about 90% of the rule machine rules on it. BOTH Zigbee and Zwave radios are turned off of this hub.

Zwave Hub - very few rule machine rules and Zigbee radio is turned off

Zigbee Hub - very few rule machine rules and Zwave radio is turned off.

All connected with HubConnect.

Since my coordinator hub died Thursday, I've began thinking of a preventive way for this if it were to ever happen again I would not be down for 5 days, and be back up and running as normal in hours.

The problem I currently have is if I were to just restore my Back up from the coordnator on one of my other 2 hubs, I would lose the currently paired devices..

So I've been thinking of merging the zigbee and zwave together on one hub and just having the "3rd hub" as a backup/replacement ONLY in the event one hub fails, but my issue here is I need a way to be able to clone my devices cough @csteele assistance please OR anyone else for that matter. Cloning the coordinator I don't "think" will be much issue.

I just received a zwave S2 usb stick and m in the process of looking at the possibility.....any help appreciated.

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I second the idea of cloning a hub. I realize there would be risks like storing a saved hub may not have all the latest improvements, but I'm willing to take that risk. I have a very modest configuration compared to many people on this site, but one example is a dinning light fixture with 4 Singled bulbs. If the lockup of my hub is while the lights are out I have to bring out a ladder to change the bulbs as no switching at the source could recover the "On" state.
I have no trouble trying to keep a second up updated by myself to avoid a complete shutdown.
So I guess my first question is the zigbee/zwave pairing kept in the hub or the radio stick?(C4)



Zigbee is easy because there's nothing on the stick but the network number. Every zigbee device has a hard coded device I’d set at the factory, so it will always be the same. Just re-pair and it will go right back into it’s “slot” All your automations will run.

ZWave is where all the problems occur. The ZWave stick has a Database of device details and that doesn’t transfer easily. Having a 2nd zstick can help, but it doesn’t invisibly replace the primary zstick.

I’m out right now and this will take some typing. More than my iPad can cope with :smile::smile:

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NO problems man, I haven't even got my zwave stick set up yet, FYI I have all C-5's so this will be a secondary stick.

But that is only if you are able to move the stick from one hub to the other, correct? If your stick also dies, since there will be a new network created, it won't put them back in the same slot in the database, will it? (And I'm referring specifically to zigbee here, just in case that wasn't clear.)