Open light at a fix moment close it at sunrise

Here the log i have for this rule.

I'm going to try to reconstruct your logs here from yesterday and this morning.

03/24 - 07:02:00.462 Finished - I'm assuming this is prior run of rule at sunrise+10 minutes
03/24 - 07:02:00.463 When Time of Day is 08:00 - I'm assuming this is the start of the rule 1 ms after the previous instance ended
03/24 - 08:00:00.290 certain event
03/24 - 08:00:00.302 Turn on comptoir de cuisine, Entree
03/24 - 08:00:00.412 Wait Until Time of Day is sunrise
03/25 - 07:00:00.438 After sunrise, wait over - I'm assuming this is sunrise+10 minutes
03/25 - 07:00:00.750 Turn off comptoir de cuisine, Entree
03/25 - 07:00:00.840 Finished

It appears to me that this rule is triggering outside the time restriction. I have no idea why but perhaps deleting and recreating this rule would be a good idea. If you're willing to try Rule Machine I can help with an equivalent rule.

Thank you for your uotput, i m note sur but i think the last few updates may affect it, i m glade that your analyse sounds the same as mine, what is the difference between the basic rule and the rule machine?
Thank you again.

Rule Machine (RM) allows you to create more complex rule than Basic Rule (BR). For example, in BR the logic is when X happens do Y. RM allows for conditional logic. If X happens Then Y Else Z. The user interface takes more effort in RM but for your rule it shouldn't be too difficult to create. I don't really use BR but based upon the logs you posted, I believe the RM logs are more complete when dealing with restrictions.

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