Open/close sensor for roller shutters

I'm looking for a open/close sensor for roller shutters. I bought the Aqara door/window sensor and it works fine on doors and windows. But I'd like to use them also on my roller shutters and it won't work properly. When you roll the roller up the magnet part for the sensor slides paralell to the sensor and what I get is multiple open/close events. The sensor only works fine when the magnet is moved perpendicularly.

So is there any dedicated sensor for that?

I have a samsung multipurpose sensor on my garage door.
No issues with reporting!


What happens if you mount the magnetic a bit lower

I haven't checked that but even if it somehow will work it'll be only a (temporary?) workaround.

I'll buy the Samsung sensor that @bdydrp mentioned and hope it'll work.

Have you looked at Sensative strips?

They’re a very different form-factor than most contact sensors so you might find a way to mount them that works well in this application.

They are z-wave devices, meaning the frequency varies by region, I’m not sure how widely they are sold around the world (I live in the US, where the z-wave frequency is 908 MHz).

I see that in one store in Poland they are availible. But it's a bit to expensive for my usings.