Which one? Have a great time any which way!

It really did make a big difference for me. Especially with large rules that trigger a lot of devices. Before the antenna mod sometimes devices wouldn't trigger and I'd end up with a lightbulb a different color or staying on or off. Now everything works as expected.


Myrtle Beach next weekend, then Hilton Head for Thanksgiving (yeah it'll be chili)

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I just introduced my 11 year old to this movie last night because of this conversation. He loved it. That said we also watched Paws of Fury which is actually Blazing Saddles... It even has Mel Brooks in it. Sadly my wife had no idea why I was laughing so hard and the references I was making because she's never seen Blazing Saddles...:frowning:

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As crude as the schwartz reference may be, many of the jokes in those movies and many others, plus so many great observational comedians, they are all so good because they are based on looking past the often commercial or "fake" façade people often present or show up the trains of thought we are so often lulled into as a society.

That said, I get the feeling he was going to have a fairly good BS radar regardless.... :wink:

I feel like I should re-acquaint myself with the movie as well, I do have some leave coming up.... :slight_smile:

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