Only trip HSM alarm if two items are triggered together

I'll try to be as brief and least confusing as possible but no promises!

I have a Guardline Driveway motion sensor. I've wired this to a zwave door open/close sensor so I could integrate it with smartthings and now HE.

I have HSM currently set up to turn some lights on in the bedroom if the alarm is tripped, and have a siren in the mail which will also be integrated. However, we have a lot of wildlife that hangs out in the yard. Deer specifically. I've left the driveway motion off HSM for now because obviously we don't want our lights turning on in the middle of the night and a siren blaring waking up our two toddlers because of deer.

Our driveway is about and 1/8th mile long. My current plan is to have the driveway motion sensor turn on our large yard light and flash it on and off several times along with flashing two yeelight bulbs on the porch facing the driveway red and blue several times so if in the very off chance its actually a pedestrian/vehicle coming down the driveway, it will be very apparent to them that the house and its occupants are on alert and would be about as strong a deterrent as possible.

But here is my question: If I were to get a second motion sensor for the driveway would it be possible to have HE trip the HSM intrusion alarm if both sensors were tripped within a certain time frame of each other? Say 30 seconds or something? But not trigger the lights and siren in the house if only one is tripped. This would virtually eliminate false alarms due to the way the wildlife move through the yard.

HE has a built-in app called Zone Motion Controllers that is supposed to be able to do that I haven't tried it for about a year, at that time I couldn't get it to work as well as I wanted to eliminate false positives. But a lot has changed since then so it's probably worth a try.

Thanks I will give this a try and report back