Only one device listed for notifier how do i refresh the list?

I added my wife as an admin and I also changed the name of my phone but it only list one phone on the list and only my phone gets pushes


your wife would need the app installed and connect it to the hub. you'll have to create a separate profile when you join the hub through the app, then her phone will show up

she tried to tap to change the name and it just added under my phone, how do we fix this ?

tried everything, both logged out and selected "new device" and still only show one device. even tried a hub reboot

after you connect to the hub through the mobile app, there should be a "create new device" button on the list of phones, then you'd create her phone

yes we have both tried that many times already

also no matter how many time i update my phones name in the app is never changes in the HUB