Only Between Times Restrictions not Working

I have a triggered rule to change the mode based on some motion in our hallway. It should only get triggered if the current mode is Night and if the time is between 4am and 11am.

The extra part is that I have a switch that is turned on and off depending on. the lux level, and when the rule is triggered it should go to day or evening depending on the switch state.

Problem is that the Only between two times restriction doesn't seem to be working.

I have a button at the bottom of the stairs that switches the system to night mode. But as soon as I then move, I trigger the rule with the motion sensor and the system flips back to evening.

It does show as being "restricted" during this time, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Here are some screenshots of the rule, think I must just be missing something obvious here?

Show me the app events, from the link at the top of the app status page.

I'm a little confused. You only set your house to evening if motion is detected? I would think that would happen regardless. Also, you are setting evening mode at 11:00am? That seems awfully early for evening. Are you sure you're using the restriction right? The rule will only fire if the restriction is true. So, it's kind of like a pre-rule. But in this case, unless it is between 4 and 11, the rule won't fire at all so mode won't change to day or evening based on this rule. I think you have the restriction flipped.