One of those mysteries: RL automation triggered but light not turned for 1 1/2 minutes

Had one of those instances of RL triggering as expected on motion, but device (Z-Wave light switch in this case) not turning until a minute and a half after for some reason. A few minutes later the same automation worked normally. Nothing in Device events, logs, or hub events that seems to explain the delay. Z-Wave has been working w/out for ages now (C8-Pro).

Walked into bathroom at 11:39pm and RL was triggered via motion as expected, but nothing happened after the Set Level command. Light did not come on. Waited about 1 ½ min and at 11:40.53 turned on light manually. Light then turned on digitally at 11:40.55, and RL turned the light off after motion ended.

Logs from event: Dev 3365 is light switch, app 6891 is RL instance

Went into the bathroom at 11:45pm – RL triggered, Set Level command results in level being set properly and RL automation ran as expected, light turned on.

Logs from event at 11:45

Luckily it was me who experienced the event, and not my wife... :slight_smile:

I have no direct knowledge, but I'd bark up the "retries" tree if it were me. :smiley:

If the device doesn't respond, then there are retries. You'd have to ask @bcopeland how long retries can run, but it's certainly seconds. 90 seconds feels unreasonable, but it's what's left after eliminating all the other ideas.

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Thanks for the commentts.

Yeah, I was surprised that the hub was still trying to turn the bulb on that much later.

I was assuming that there is a queue that the command might have gotten held up in for the ~90s. But I've no idea how these processes work....

Yea, if some other device is having a hard time and its messages are in front of the device in question, retries just delay the queue emptying, I suppose. Your point (I think) is that it may not be the device that gave you a delay, but another device delaying it from getting to front-of-queue.

Ultimately it boils down to (still) : a good mesh beats a bad mesh, everyday :smiley:

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Well said, cowboy. :slight_smile: ("Cowboy" fits if you say your statement w/a Clint Eastwood voice.) :wink:

I've had zero issues for so long I was thinking about saying something about how perfect things have been, and then the universe smacked me down. :wink: Not complaining, one delay in many months is no situation to winge about.

I had problems yesterday, but it seemed to be related to a failed cloud backup. I did have to shutdown and power cycle twice. This was on latest beta.