One of my garage doors/tilt sensors is showing reverse (green-closed, red-open). How can I reset it?

Hi folks.
I have my 2 garage doors on my dashboard. I have both the tilt, and the muti-relay show up. One is operating correctly, the other somehow became inverted, so when both are closed, on still shows Red. How can I recalibrate?

What type of sensors do you have?
Have they ever worked or is this a new installation?


Tilt are: Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Tilt Sensor
Multi Relay is: Zooz MultiRelay

And yes, this is a maybe 2 year old install and they worked fine. Somehow they switched in the last few weeks.

Can you post the Device Details screen?

Perhaps the tilt sensor has moved. Not sure why it would but if it is tilted down instead of up the output would flip. It should point away from the battery.

The parameters of my Ecolink tilt sensor do not offer an inverted output so it's not that. I'm not sure how the parameters could change.

Battery LOW - unlikely.

I'm using "Generic Z-Wave contact sensor".

Can you remove the tilt sensor and repeatedly make it send a reversed signal?