One Light Out Of Several Not Turned On By Rule

I have a simple rule that turns on several lights at Sunset. Has been working fine, but last night, one of the lights did not turn on. I see no evidence in the log of any attempt or associated error with that light.
I was able to manually turn it on using my Dashboard on the first attempt.

How can I tell if a turn on command was sent. More specifically, was it sent and the switch was briefly unreachable or was nothing sent at all?

In one screenshot you can see the rule triggering and turning on Driveway, Workshop Front, Workshop Side, Garage, and then Farmers Porch (25%).
All lights have an associated log showing that event except for Workshop Side. Two examples are shown and the turn on times vary by 20 seconds?

Trying to figure out why Workshop Side does not have a similar entry and did not turn on.