On the fence to migrate due to amount of devices

I have 119 devices, some of which are in odd places and hard to reach. I am HOPING that there is a way to send a master 'unpair' from Smartthings and that would allow me to start adding things back, or if there is a way to remotely unpair them one at a time so that I can join them into my Hubitat more easily. Did I mentioned I have a 2yo and 4yo that like to stick to me like glue and triple the time to do anything now? :open_mouth:

If there is not such an 'easy' button, I am hoping that if I start here on this side of the house and work my way across I won't have to carry my hubitat and the Zigbee and ZWave meshes will talk back here to this side of the house?

Thanks to everyone

There is no such easy button.
I would suggest duct tape for the 2 yo and 4 yo but that would probably cause protective services to show up with questions.
Seriously, I have found that each time I have done this I have bought a couple of new repeating devices so I can put them on the new hub as the first devices before moving any of the installed devices. Then you can work outwards from your existing hub moving devices over to the new hub. That should cause minimal disruption.
Is your new hub the C-7 model?


Yessir, it is indeed a C-7 and updated. I've had it on my network and every time I get ready to move I get cold feet, but man it's SO much faster than the cloud.

That tape is a good idea. I have tried other ideas like having momma give them LONG baths, but those don't ever last long enough :smiley:

I have my house setup in a very good repeating mode right now -- IOW, i have a ton of GE/Jasco dimmers and switches both Zigbee and ZWave so the coverage is solid on relaying everywhere. As long as that relay works, I can start from the room that the hub is in and start to remove things from ST and move them over.

I will get Alexa set up first as I have a feeling momma is going to want that to work first thing.

If only... [sigh]

@JeffNTX - didn't we go to school together? Had a friend w/the same name... :wink:

I used the "rip-off-the-bandaid" approach when I moved to ST and it worked well for me. I have about 140 devices, and did the move over a weekend...doing it this way will take your HA down for a few days, but also allows you to build your HE mesh as effeciently as possible. Doing a gradual migration can leave you w/weakened meshes on both hubs.

I can see the kids are an issue (been there, done that :wink: ) no easy way around that other than getting someone to take them off to a park or play w/them in other parts of the shouse, or Eric's duct tape suggestion. :wink:


Probably OK if done “artfully” :innocent: :innocent:

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The reason I asked is with a C7 you can do single device Z-Wave repairs. This is really helpful for those devices that you have to bring close to the hub to get them to pair. You can move them back and do a single device repair to build the correct routes. It has worked almost every time for me.

Another thing to consider, if you want to buy some time for your migration, is using one of the hub linking tools so you don't have to do all the moves in a hurry. I don't have any experience with these because they didn't exist when I migrated from ST to Hubitat.

Why yes, indeed such a unique name, I figured SOMEONE would know me :laughing: ... but srsly how do I change my name on here? Why am I on the struggle bus still.

I gotta say I'm loving this forum, and all of y'all. Thank you!!

The park is an excellent idea - we do that with the grandkids. Our strategy is to wear them out. Usually doesn't work - we get worn out first.


90% of my devices are in-wall switches/dimmers so can't really move them, but if the 'mesh' works between devices I am very well covered in the house.

Now I need to go do a search for hub linking tools and what that does. Thank you @Eric.C.Miller!

You'll want Hub Connect to connect to a ST hub.

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Usually, @bobbyD from Hubitat Support can assist with a forum username change.


Just make sure he gets the spelling right. Remember @hooperdude who was @pooperdude for a while?


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Oh Lord, that would be one I'd never live down here at my house :laughing:

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When my kids were young, they sometimes spent weekends at their grand parents... Didn’t have home automation then, but if I had, I probably would have used that opportunity to do a transition!


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