On/Off at correct light level at all times (with override)

Hello everyone,

I've just started converting from ST to HE. I really like what I'm able to do right now, but need some help with my lighting.

I have started with 6 groups of Osram lights. They are the RT5/6 and BR19 lights. They are all in the same large living room/kitchen/dining room with a hallway and stairway light groups as part of them.

Hallway and Stairway lights are 100% motion controlled - Walk through, motion is triggered, lights turn off when motion sensor goes inactive.

The rest of the light groups are controlled by Lightify buttons and (soon to be) voice via Google Home. They will also, as the next step, be controlled by different scenes for Dinner TIme, TV Time, Normal Mode, etc.

Currently, I have put them into their respective groups and setup the motion lighting, as well as setup some control with the Lightify buttons to turn on the correct groups with button presses. These are Button Controller activating Actions only in RM.

Here's where I am getting complicated:
I want all lights on at 100% at sunrise and dimmed to 50% at sunset. Ideally, with a 5 minute fade up/down if the lights are on. I would also like for any of the lights to turn on at the correct level (even if during the 5 minute fade period).

I currently have this for each group, but it doesn't correctly address the fade requirement.

Also, when I start getting into having the modes and voice control, it will be important to have consistency in how it all behaves. Lastly, I sometimes use a scene that will need to override the light levels such as TV TIme, where I would want all of the lights to be at different levels until Normal Mode is activated again.

I have thought about a virtual dimmer that would be tracked and called for each action that may turn a light on or off, but don't know how to set this up.

I know this is a huge ask, but I am really looking for something that will hit all of these points, and have seen some excellent solutions generated by the group here. Rather than beat my head against the wall, I thought I'd ask.

Thanks in advance.

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